Turnaround Time

Please return your ticket by the Return By date listed in the Ticket Details. Our standard turnaround expectation is two days, however, we understand that some tickets may require more flexibility due to length and complexity, and we will adjust our expectations accordingly.

You may be assigned more than one ticket in a single day; we will need at least one transcript completed and returned two days from the date it was assigned. For each additional assignment, we will expect to have at least one back the next day, then another by the following day, and so on until completed.

You are encouraged to submit your work as soon as you are finished. Our focus is quality over quantity, hence we don’t want you to hurry through the work and end up making careless mistakes.


If you are running behind on a deadline or need more time to complete an assignment, you are expected to let us know immediately so we can make arrangements. We understand life happens and there will be emergencies, but we can only be fair if you communicate. If communication becomes a recurring issue, we will not be able to send you work.


All transcripts are to be consistent, accurate, and meet our quality standards. When you submit a completed transcript, it is expected that you have:

  • Carefully read and adhere to the transcript formatting requirements on the assignment;
  • Maintained awareness of the context;
  • Did not paraphrase;
  • Proofread for errors.

All transcripts are subject to quality checks for quality assurance. Transcripts that are sloppy or fall far below our quality standards may be returned to you to fix. If you are unable to produce a transcript that meets our standard, we will re-assign the work to another transcriptionist. If quality becomes a recurring issue, we will not be able to send you work.

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