Proofing Process (Only for Proofers)

The turnaround time for tickets in proofing is 48 hours after receipt. If you cannot meet the deadline, please reject the ticket by sending a ticket support or an email to landmarksupport@thelai.com. Turn off your availability when you have received enough minutes for proofing to avoid receiving more tickets.

Please review the transcript for:

  • Omitted Word: If a word is missing from the transcription, it counts as an "omitted word". For strict verbatim, also every utterance, all the ums and uhs, because that’s part of strict verbatim according to the guidelines.
  • Wrong Word: If the word is misspelled or it is not the word the speaker said, it counts as a wrong word.
  • Unintelligible: Always review all the editorial comments marked as "Unintelligible"

EXCEPTION: If the wrong word needs to be replaced by 2 words, it only counts as 1 wrong word. Example: She's "She is".


  • If a transcript is poorly transcribed, please send it back to be re-transcribed. DO NOT PROOF IT. Send a ticket support requesting for the ticket to be kicked back along with the notes about what needs to be fixed.
  • If any of the transcription instruction wasn’t followed by the transcriptionist and it’s not explicitly instructed to be fixed in the notes, do not proof and send the ticket back to be re-transcribed.
  • The average of minutes of proofing is the audio length. If a ticket might take double the audio minutes to be proofed, please contact Alejandra at alejandra@thelai.com in advance for approval.
  • Only tickets with the instruction: FULL PROOF. may take double (or more) the audio minutes and it’s not necessary to ask for approval in advance.
Any invoice that doesn’t follow these rules will not be paid.

Process for proofers:

Review the transcript instructions. These are the instructions that the transcriptionist had to follow.


You have to submit 2 files to the ticket after proofing:

  1. Redlined version which shows all changes made and comments for review.
  2. Final version. This is the clean and final transcript sent back to the client.
  • Please change to .doc if the transcript file was submitted as .docx (unless there's a specific note that the transcript has to be saved in .docx).

At the end, the ticket will contain 3 documents. The original, redlined, and final version. Please indicate in the "Transcript notes" which is the redlined and final copy.


⁉️ IMPORTANT! Please keep in mind that the LAI site will kick you out of the session in about 10 minutes. We recommend having your notes typed up on another Word document and just copy and paste in the site. Otherwise, you will get timed out, and then you will lose all the work you typed up if you type directly into the LAI website.