Labeling Speakers


  • Speaker labels will be provided on each assignment.
  • Speaker labels will be italicized.
  • Most common labels are “Interviewer” and “Interviewee.”
  • Always use the speaker labels indicated in the instructions.


Labeling “Other” Speakers

Use generic labels for additional speakers that do not fall under the indicated speaker labels provided for that ticket. A few examples of generic labels are:

  • Female Voice
  • Male Voice
  • Child Voice
  • Note Taker
  • Participant
  • Automated Voice
  • Interpreter
  • Single Speaker
If you are transcribing an open discussion where it is not clear who the interviewer or interviewee or is, use a generic label such as "Speaker," "Participant," "Student," etc. depending on the context.

Single Speaker Instances

For recordings where there is only one speaker, keep text flush to the left margin without a speaker tag, as shown below:


Do not use a hanging indent unless there is an audience interjection. For those instances, add a hanging indent, the appropriate speaker tag, and leave the rest of the text aligned with the left margin (see below):