Paragraph and Spacing


  • Always use one space after a period unless otherwise instructed. You can set your spell check properties in MS Word to look for improper spacing once you’ve completed the file.
  • Paragraphs should be single-spaced. When you go to a new paragraph for the same speaker, or when you go to a new speaker, this should be double-spaced.
  • Double space between paragraphs manually. Most of the work we do has to be coded by our clients. Do not automatically set paragraphing in Word, as it does not work for our clients’ coding purposes.

Breaking up Long Paragraphs and Run-on Sentences

  • Break up paragraphs every 5 to 10 sentences for ease of reading (without indentation) anywhere between or where appropriate within the text. Keep in mind the paragraph and sentence structure.
  • We realize that sometimes it is nearly impossible to find a place to break up a paragraph/sentence. If there is a spot where you can, do it. It makes the transcript look more presentable and is easier to read. We trust you to use your best judgment in these situations.