If a person is quoting someone or reading something off in their response, use double quotes. Quotes are set off by a comma. Punctuation goes inside the quotation marks.

Interviewer:                What does it say?

Interviewee:               It says, “Please be aware that all applicants are responsible.”

Interviewer:                What did they say?

Interviewee:               They were like, “We’re not going to budge on this issue."

When using smart/curly quotes to replace letters or numbers in vernacular, they should always face to the left, as with contractions. When this is at the beginning of a word ('cause, 'em, 'bout, 'kay, '19), Word will not automatically do this. To get them to face the correct way, hit Control+apostrophe+apostrophe. Alternatively, you can use all straight quotes in the whole file.

Read more about the "quotative like" here: Like, how do I use the word "like"?