What is it about?


This guide outlines Landmark’s standard formatting rules and assumptions. Most transcripts will use our standard template, so always follow our standard template and guidelines unless otherwise instructed. You can access these at any time in the KnowledgeBase section of the portal.

We don’t expect you to remember everything offhand, but we do expect you to refer to this guide as needed to ensure transcripts are formatted in accordance to our standard.

For any non-standard or custom template requests, you will be provided with a sample template along with instructions on the assignment.

If you are new to Landmark, please browse this document to familiarize yourself with its contents. Then, as questions come up, use the table of contents to find answers. If you have a question about something that we didn’t covered up in the guide, please feel free to email us at landmarksupport@thelai.com.

Occasionally, you might run into a formatting question that is not answered by this guide. Please create a support ticket to address this concern. If it is a common issue that we feel should be clarified for everyone, we will add it to our guide.

Happy transcribing!

  • The Landmark Team