Speaker Identification (Tracking or Numbering)

Speaker tracking is the individual identification of each speaker in the recording.

***It only applies to audio recordings with more than two speakers.

If there are only two speakers in the audio but tracking is requested, please do not number the speakers, “Interviewer 1” and “Interviewee 1”. Use the generic "Interviewer" and "Interviewee" instead. E.g:



The ticket details will specify whether speaker tracking/numbering is needed.

Non-tracked speakers

Label all interviewers as “Interviewer” (or their respective speaker label) and all interviewees as “Interviewee” (or their respective speaker label).


Interviewer:              Xxxxxx

Interviewee:             Xxxxx

Interviewee:             Xxxxx

Tracked speakers

Differentiate each speaker using numbers. For non-standard requests, you may be asked to track using the respondent's name or a differentiator other than a number (e.g. A, B, C).

Example A:

Interviewer:                Xxxxxx

Interviewee 1:             Xxxxx

Interviewee 2:             Xxxxx

Example B:

Moderator: Xxxxxx

Paul: Xxxxxx

Andrea: Xxxxxx

Roxanne: Xxxxxxx

Example C:

Teacher 1: Xxxxxxx

Student 1: Xxxxxxx

Teacher 2: Xxxxxxx

Student 2: Xxxxxxx

Student 3: Xxxxxxx

*If you are unsure if a ticket needs tracking, don’t hesitate to contact us via Ticket Support to confirm the instructions.

Note on tracking focus groups:

We are aware that it is sometimes difficult to track large groups of speakers (8, 9, 10+), as some voices may sound similar. We will always ask you to do your best to track if requested, and whenever tracking a particular speaker is impossible, please use a generic speaker label such as "female voice," "participant," etc. as the case may be. This guideline also applies to short responses ("Yes"; "Okay"; etc.) when it is not possible to identify the speaker.

If there are more or fewer speakers than indicated in the ticket, please notify us via Ticket Support before you continue so we can rectify the ticket dynamics. (E.g. recording is labeled as a “1-on-1,” but has 4 speakers or vice versa)