Ticket Support

For any questions or issues regarding a ticket assignment, please create a ticket support. Questions are encouraged and always welcome. We would much rather you ask than guess incorrectly. Please be sure to communicate your questions or issues prior to completing the work so we can assist and make adjustments.

After you create a ticket support, please wait until you have received a response from one of our staff before continuing. This avoids the risk of having to re-do the work. In cases where the client takes more than a few days to respond, we may send you another ticket to work on in the interim (or you may request one).

Reasons to Create a Ticket Support

  • Technical difficulties
  • Issues understanding speakers due to accents, speech impediments, poor recording quality, etc.
  • Discrepancies in audio recording details, such as:
    • Un-indicated accents, poor audio quality
    • Incorrect file length
    • Incorrect number of speakers
    • Etc.
  • Questions/concerns regarding the rate
  • Questions/concerns regarding turnaround time or deadline
  • Questions/concerns regarding formatting
  • Accidentally submitting an incomplete assignment or needing to make a revision to a submitted assignment
  • Etc.
⁉️How to Create a Ticket Support